Vendors at Yevpatoriya’s Olymp market staged a protest carrying Russian flags and posters of Vladimir Putin. However, that did not help them save the market from being torn down.

“Police were protecting them as they were sawing roller shutters off our stalls. To stop them, we picked up Russian flags and posters of Putin,” says one of the vendors.

In the video, one of the protesters shows a torn up poster of Putin, accusing police officers of damaging it. Another protester kneels down before the camera to address Putin:

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovych, save us from this lawlessness. We were really looking forward to taking part in the referendum… I joined the line outside the polling station at 8a.m. I really thought we were fleeing fascists and Bandera followers, but we seem to have ended up living with another kind of fascists!” said the protester.