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The youngest son of ousted former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was reportedly buried in Crimean city of Sevastopol March 23.

The news agency Kryminform reports that Yanukovych's father and other relatives attended the funeral in a chapel at the cemetery, which was reportedly encircled by security guards.

Reports of the death of Yanukovych, 33, appeared in Russian and Ukrainian media on March 22.

Anton Herashchenko, a lawmaker and aide to Ukraine's interior minister, said on Facebook that a minivan Yanukovych was driving sank in Russia's Lake Baikal after falling through thin ice. Other officials and media reports gave similar accounts, but there has been no confirmation from Russian authorities.

According to an undisclosed source in the Emergency Situations Ministry who was cited by Interfax, the victim was a local resident named Viktor Davydov.

Another undisclosed source cited by the RBC news agency claimed that Yanukovych Jr. had been living in the area under the last name "Davydov," his grandmother's maiden name.

Yanukovych Jr. was among the individuals sanctioned by the European Union over the crisis in Ukraine.