“In the video, lawmakers with the Batkivschina faction, including Alexandra Kuzhel, are seen emerging from Vladimir Groisman’s office and walking further down the hall. Following that, most likely after Andrey Teteruk said something to Alexandra Kuzhel, she turned around and started walking towards him. What happened next can be seen in the second video, namely a fistfight in progress and Batkivschina MPs physically assaulting Teteruk,” – комментирует Геращенко.

Geraschenko apologized for the fact that the surveillance cameras only captured some of the fight. According to him, he spoke to both sides and concluded that the reason for the fight was verbal abuses and personal enmity.

The video partly backs up the version Teteruk voiced outside the session hall today. According to it, Kuzhel attacked him and he had to defend himself. However, it is hard to say who exactly was responsible for hitting Kuzhel with a bottle Teteruk was holding in his hand.