Unknown men in Sudak region of Crimea attempted to burn down local mosque Nov 12 night. The vandals failed to get inside the building, so they burned the window, director of publishing house “Tezis” Edie Muslimova informed.

“As the vandals failed to get in, they set on fire the window and tried to get in through the door in the end of the building. Thanks God there was a watchman in the yard, who made a raw. Then police arrived, they are investigating the incident”- Muslimova said.

To recall, another Crimean mosque was vandalized on June 12 and set on fire by unknown people throwing three Molotov cocktails.

On Oct 13, 2013, on the eve of Kurban Bairam fest a mosque in Saki, Crimeam was also set on fire.

The incidents are not investigated yet.