300 tons of gold and precious stones have been uncovered in a disused tunnel in Lower Silesia in Poland. A discovery of a train laden with gold, diamonds, pearls and other valuables worth billions of dollars in an underground tunnel was announced at a press conference held in the Polish town of Walbrzych. According to one of the versions, the train ended up in a tunnel in Lower Silesia because the location was used by the Nazi to store stolen valuables during WWII.

Zikmund Novacek, Walbrzych’s Vice Mayor, has officially confirmed the train’s discovery. The fact that Novacek was careful about not revealing all the details did not stop thousands of gold seekers from descending underground, though.

It is estimated that the train may not only hold gold but also valuable old artifacts from the King’s Museum of Arts, reports It is claimed that the treasures were left in the tunnel due to a lightning-fast onslaught of the Red Army at the end of WWII. The matters were also complicated because there was no place to take the gold to. Therefore, the Nazi decided to hide the gold in a safe location to pick it up later. Some believe the train may be rigged with mines, which is why military personnel have been deployed for searching the train.