Great Britain (QHA) -  Two Ukrainian men have been arrested in the UK
on suspicion of being involved in causing recent explosions near mosques in two
English towns, Interfax reports.

"Two Ukrainian men, aged 25 and 22,
arrested last night as part of the ongoing investigation into explosions near
to mosques in Tipton and Walsall, remain in police custody. They were arrested
on suspicion of being involved in preparation or instigation of an act of
terrorism," – appeared on the Official Web site of West Midlands Police.

Still there is a report the suspects are
Ukrainian students who had been in England on a summer placement.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine earlier said it
was checking this information.

On June 21and July 12 there were explosions
near mosques of Walsall and Tipton in England. No one was hurt in the blasts.