The bodies of two Ukrainian sailors were found on board a ship flying the Russian flag "Amapola", located in the repair area of the Turkish port in Tuzla district (Istanbul). The bodies were sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute.

According to the Cihan News Agency, the ship workers reported the police on the dead. Both corpses were found half-naked in a bathroom. The names of the victims - Alex Voytsov (34 years) and Sergey Kravchenko (33 years).

The bodies of the Ukrainian sailors were sent for forensic examination to ascertain the cause of their death.

Muhsin Divan, the Executive Director of the Shipyard where the dead were found, said no repair works were carried out in that part of the ship:

- Both seamen were engaged in the repair works, but the latter were not carried out in that part of the ship, and especially at night.

Photo: Internet