(QHA) -

An employee of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office, accused of terrorism, was kidnapped in Crimea, the public and media liaisons department of the Prosecutor General's Office has told Ukrinform.

"An employee of the Prosecutor General's Office, who FSB agents accused of committing a terrorist attack, was abducted on the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean peninsula on December 5," the report says.

According to the report, the deputy chief of a department at the Prosecutor General's Office, who was visiting his mother in Bakhchisaray, was abducted by unknown persons from a Simferopol-Kyiv train and taken to an unknown destination.

"Only on December 15 it became known that the prosecutor was held for ten days in a pre-trial detention center of the Saki police department, where a protocol was drafted with respect to him for allegedly committing an administrative offense. An employee of the Ukrainian prosecutor's office was subjected to psychological pressure, threats and physical violence," the Prosecutor General's Office said.