Russian police held up a team of Ukrainian journalists from the STB channel for an allegedly unpaid fine. The police officers took away the journalists’ documents and insist on questioning each of them, reports Anton Naumlyuk on his Facebook page.

“A car carrying a team of Ukrainian journalists covering Nadezhda Savchenko case has been pulled over (by a traffic police officer named Shestakov) in Russia’s Kursk region,” reads the message.

According to Naumlyuk, the detained have been in Russia for several days. Throughout this time, they have neither committed any offenses nor been fined.

“We were taken to a police station in the Gorshechensky district. They took away our documents (the one who took them away is captain Zvyaniltsev). They are neither giving them back nor telling us where they keep them,” writes Naumlyuk.

It was reported earlier that a rally in support of Nadezhda Savchenko is currently being held in Kiev.