(QHA) - The French Foreign Ministry has disclosed that two more French journalists have been taken hostage in Syria, bringing the number of French journalists kidnapped in the country to four, reports Euronews. Nicolas Henin, who worked for Le Point magazine and Arte television, and Pierre Torres, who was photographing elections in the northeast city of Raqqa were kidnapped on June 22. The news wasn’t made public until now out of respect for their families. As reported, the French prime minister, Jean Marc Ayrault said he would work to free them. “I share the worry and anxiety of the families and colleagues, but we have proof that they are alive and this is very important and we will do everything we can to ensure their release,” Ayrault told a news conference. To be noted, two other French reporters, Didier Francois and Edouard Elias, have been missing since they were kidnapped while working in Syria on June 6.