Two APCs collided with a minibus in Crimea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A civil minibus, which inexplicably appeared in a column of military vehicles, was squeezed between two APCs.

12 May 2016 10:43

An accident involving military armored personnel carriers and a minibus was captured by Crimean residents on Simferopol-Feodosia highway, reported Sevastopol News.

According to the eyewitnesses, a driver of the front APC rolled back and hit a minibus.

- A white minibus was in the traffic congestion between the two APCs. After the parade a driver of the front armored car had no strength to keep the foot on the brake, and rolled back, thereby forcing a civilian vehicle crash into the front of the APC standing for a traffic jam, said the eyewitness.

It is still unclear how the civilian vehicle appeared in a column of military vehicles.

Photo: Internet