A Crimean Tatar journalist Osman Pashaev wrote on Facebook that a tour guide had managed to warn people of a danger.

-Sibel Shatyroglu – Turkish tour-guide, prevented a greater number of deaths during a terrorist attack in Istanbul at Sultanahmet Square. A few seconds before the blast she heard a suspicious click and shouted "Lauft weg" (run - German). Sibel conducted tours for a group of 25 people near the Egyptian Obelisk (Obelisk of Theodosius). Hearing the sound, she noticed among the group a modern and well-dressed young man resembling a Turkish citizen; at the same time he pulled the pin out ... 10 German citizens and one Peruvian were killed, wrote Pashayev.

The journalist said that, fortunately, the guide has survived.

Photo: Facebook Osman Pashayev