May 12, 10.20 p.m. a blast occurred in the center of the Turkish province of Diyarbakir.

According to the first information, a truck bomb was blown in the city of Sarıkamı. The blast killed four people and wounded 22, two of them are in a serious condition. All the injured were immediately taken to a nearest hospital.

The blast created a big hole and damaged the nearest houses.

So far, there are two theories regarding the incident. In accordance with the first, the attack was planned by members of a terrorist organization with the aim to attack the police. According to the second theory, the explosion occurred due to a conflict between local residents and Kurdish militants. Realizing they are being tracked, the terrorists left the truck in the middle of the road and blew it up. The Law Enforcement Services continue works on the spot.

Yesterday, a blast occurred in Istanbul. The incident happened outside a military base, 200 meters from an Army Aviation Troop Command. The explosion was caused by a car bomb.

Photo: Internet