Three Ukrainian soldiers of the 79 separate airmobile brigade, being on the administrative Crimea-Ukraine border, have been missing since the night September 5, reported the press service of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

- In the morning September, 5 three Ukrainian soldiers of the 79 separate airmobile brigade, senior soldier A.I. Yurov and soldiers A.A. Orlenko and K.M. Mekshuna have been reported missing, according to a statement.

In the course of the search operations it has been found out that on the night of September, 4-5 the soldiers relieved the guard, arrived at the military unit, dressed in civilian clothes (sneakers, shorts and vests), and, according to their colleagues, went swimming in the dam, located at the territory adjacent to Crimea.

As it became known later, at night 2 cars (UAZ and URAL models) drove up to this area from the direction of the peninsula, and, probably, have illegally detained Ukrainian soldiers.

- Weapons, ammunition and documents have been left at the military unit. Internal investigation and a search are currently underway, as stated the General Staff.