Ukraine's National Guard says its forces had to abandon a military outpost in the eastern city of Luhansk after running out of ammunition following a 10-hour gun battle with pro-Russian separatists, RFE/RL reports.

The National Guard's press service said today that some 300 insurgents had attacked the regiment in the early morning hours.

The statement said "law enforcers returned fire until their ammunition ran out."

It said six militants were killed and 20 injured in the fighting.

Three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, it said, adding that the Ukrainian forces were being moved "to a safe place."

Fighting in Ukraine's restive east has intensified in the past week, with rebels launching an attack on Donetsk airport and on a border guards' base near Luhansk.

Fourteen Ukrainian troops died when their helicopter was shot down near Slovyansk on May 29.

Photo: AFP



A storm of the location of a Ukrainian National Guard regiment in Luhansk by unlawful armed groups lasted for more than 10 hours, and 3 Ukrainian servicemen were injured, the National Guard press service said.