Bakchisaray (QHA) - In the framework of VI International historical military festival “The Alma case” in Bakchisaray district of Crimea, reconstruction of the battle of Alma, which took place during the Crimean war of 1853-1856 was held. This year, about 120 members of historical clubs from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Great Britain became the participants of the historical reconstruction. The novelty of this year became participation of cavalry in the reconstruction. “Today we are opening a unique festival, which takes places for the 6th time on the site of the historic battle that took place in September 1854,” said festival organizer Aleksey Sheremetyev. He told that the Alma battle was the first land battle of the Crimean war. The rivals disembarked in Evpatoria and walked all the way to Alma, Bakchisaray, where the battle took place. In two hours of the battle about 8 thousand people were killed both on the Russian and the enemy’s sides. The participants of the festival faced one requirement, namely a strict conformity of the consumes to the military uniform of the 19th century. The event was attended by more than 3,5 thousand people. After the reconstruction, the participating clubs have been awarded diplomas. The festival “The Alma case” continued in Sevastopol at Mikhaylovskaya battery.