32 gunfire attacks in Mariupol direction were recorded. The militants have twice used the heavy artillery prohibited under the Minsk Agreement in Vodyanoe, firing 70 shells of 122 mm caliber at Ukrainian fortifications.
On the Marinka - Shirokino frontline the militants carried out armed provocations firing machine-guns, grenades and mortars according to the ATO headquarters press-center.

Anti-aircraft mount shelling is recorded in Novotroitsk. The terrorists mobilized armored vehicles in Starognatovka, Talakovka and Marinka, and the snipers showed their activity near Shirokino and Talakovka.

Russian occupants have repeatedly engaged mortar, grenade and machine-gun fire in the Donetsk direction at the front line near Avdeevka. And at night the terrorists employed heavy artillery against Ukrainian soldiers.

The militants carried out mortar and grenade attacks in the direction of the Prince Igor Mount in Luhansk.

Ukrainian military have twice spotted the drones going to Mariupol and shot them down.

The terrorists engaged the aerial reconnaissance-fire complex to shell the ATO forces on the site Talakovka – Vodyanoe.

Photo: Internet