Terrorist attack in Istanbul: 36 people killed, 147 injured

According to recent reports, the explosion killed 36 people and 147 injured at the Ataturk airport. It is reported that a Ukrainian citizen was among the dead.

29 June 2016 10:19

According to the Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul Vasily Bodnar, there is one citizen of Ukraine among the dead at Istanbul's airport. A wounded Ukrainian is confirmed to have turned to the consulate after the explosions at the airport.   

“According to recent data, 36 people are killed and 147 other injured as a result of the terrorist attack in Istanbul's airport,” reads the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine in Istanbul.

The staff of the Consulate General drive round hospitals where the wounded were taken to, in order to find the citizens of Ukraine.

Just a reminder: Two explosions rocked Istanbul's Ataturk airport late in the evening on June 28. It is assumed that there were two suicide bombers: the first bomber blew himself up near the pass through the metal detector, and the second - in the parking lot.

The sounds of a shoot-out were heard after the explosion, local media claim quoting eyewitnesses.

Photo: Internet