Svatovo: movement is limited, electricity and gas cut off

According to the SESU, as of this morning, 5 thousand people of almost 20 thousand residents have left the city on their own.

30 October 2015 13:00

According to the press center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU), ‘gas and electricity supply to city facilities is cut off in the area of possible danger area.’ The traffic is also limited in the city.

“By the decision of  headquarters, the movement is temporarily limited in Svatovo to ensure the safety and health of its residents. The patients of Svatovo District Hospital, people from a nursing home and boarding school have been evacuated from the city. Over 200 people have been taken off and about 500 residents left the territory by private vehicles,” said Yuri Klimenko, Deputy Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Military-Civilian Administration.