During yesterday's military operations and the work carried out by a team of the Counter-Terrorism Department of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, two women were arrested. Presumably one of them is suicide bomber acting on behalf of Kurdish terrorist, Mush Municipality reports.

“The persons were detained under the article ‘participation in an armed terrorist community.’ The fight against criminal organizations in our city is ongoing,” reads the report. 

Reportedly, the terrorists were detained during the traffic control in the city of Mush on their way from Diyarbakir to the western part of the country.

It was reported earlier that several terrorist suicide attacks killing and injuring a huge number of people have happen in Turkey recently.

On March 19, as a result of the terrorist act in Istiklal Street of Beyoğlu District in Istanbul, 36 people, including foreigners, were injured.

The explosion near busy Kizilay square in Ankara killed 37 people on March 13.

Earlier, on February 17, a terrorist act in front of the Turkish Naval Forces Command building killed 29 people and 61 more injured.

Turkish police and law enforcement authorities have introduced the emergency measures of control to prevent possible terrorist attacks, organized by IS and Kurdish terrorists.

Photo: Internet