In the territorial waters of Ukraine, the SSU special unit "Alpha" has freed the hostages in the Turkish vessel Mehmet Unlu, where the riot occurred, according to the SSU’s website.

On September 4, the SOS message was sent from the Turkish ship sailing from Nikolaev to Jordan with a cargo of steel structures.

According to preliminary information, two members of the crew began to fight and stabbed their four colleagues. Three of them are currently in a serious condition. The instigators then cut off electricity onboard and took five people hostage. The rest of the crew barricaded in a safe place.

After the urgent meeting of the representatives of the Odessa SSU anti-terrorist headquarters, the border service, police, state emergency services and port authorities, the decision was made to hold the assault and release the hostages.

As a result of the success operation carried out by officers of the SSU special unit Alpha, the hostages were freed and the rioters arrested. Police opened a criminal case under Article No. 278 (theft and seizure of a marine vessel) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The investigation is ongoing.