Feodosia (QHA) -

Today, on July 30, the funeral of the deceased Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev is taking place. The funeral ceremony began in Kazan Cathedral in Feodosia. After the farewell ceremony, Bartenev will be buried at the central cemetery of Feodosia.

To recall, on the night from July 26th to 27th, the Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev has been attacked at the entrance of the apartment building where he resided. He was shot in the back from the shotgun rifle. The attacker fled a scene, taking away the Mayor’s purse. Later, he threw it away, previously have taken all the money out of it.

Note: 57-year old Alexander Bartenev was elected the Mayor of Feodosia twice, in 2008 and 2010. He was elected the deputy of Verkhovnaya Rada of Crimea three convocations in a row. Hero of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Industry of Crimea; at the initiative of the citizens he was awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen of the City.