A soldier responsible for killing two of his squad mates has been held up in the Donetsk region. Bearing multiple gunshot wounds, the bodies of the two men were found in one of the houses in the town of Volnovakha where Ukrainian troops were stationed. Both men were 22 years old and assigned to a reconnaissance squad of the 72nd Brigade, reports a press service of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Donetsk region.

Investigation into the murder revealed there was a quarrel between the soldiers resulting in one of them opening fire on his squad mates from a Kalashnikov machine gun. The shooter made off from the crime scene but his whereabouts were later uncovered.

Held up pursuant to Article 208 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the gunman is charged with committing a criminal offense referred to in Section 2 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder of two or more individuals).