(QHA) -

Court of Crimean city of Armyansk—which is close to Ukrainian border—made a decision to fine and deport Crimean Tatar human right activist Sinaver Kadyrov accusing him of “violence of migration legislation”.

Sinaver Kadyrov--the coordinator of the committee on Crimean Tatar Rights Protection and two his colleagues Eskender Bariyev and Abmedzhit Suleymanov were stopped at Crimean Ukrainian border, while heading to Ukraine and were detained for 7 hours.

Kadyrov is reportedly charged with violation of migration legislation and passport regime.

Kadyrov has refused to receive Russian citizenship and remained a citizen of Ukraine, which means that he is a foreigner in Crimea and has to leave the region every 90 days.

It should be noted that for the last time Kadyrov left Crimea in December, so his deadline for residing in Crimea should have lasted till March.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and unified with Russia in March following a local referendum on the region’s status. The move was declared illegitimate by Kyiv, US, EU and other world powers.