(QHA) -

Central square of Simferopol was rounded by steal fence Dec 10, on Human Rights Day, to prevent any mass events which might have been arranged in Crimean capital.

The building of Crimean Parliament is guarded by self-defense forces and militants in ammunition. Traffic police officers are watching the city streets.

It should be noted that blocking of Simferopol central square ahead of possible mass events, organized by Crimean Tatars, has become a tradition in Crimea.

Lenina Square in Simferopol was blocked May 18, 2014, on the 70th anniversary of Crimean deportation. The square was also blocked June 26, 2014, on Crimean Tatar Flag Day.

Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people used to arrange peaceful rallies on Human Rights Day, devoting it to the Rights of Crimean Tatars.