Shots fired at Crimean Council of Ministers building

According to media reports, the building of the Council of Ministers in Crimea has been fired upon, but who has opened the fire is still unknown.

2 October 2015 10:35

October 1, 2015. Unknown persons have opened fire on the building of the Council of Ministers of Russia-occupied Crimea, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports, citing the source of the Council of Ministers.

“In the morning, when a charwoman was entering one of the officers of the Ministry of Health, two bullets flew in through the window on the third floor. She barely escaped with her live, but who fired shots is still unknown. The law enforcers are working at the scene of crime. However, they do not connect this incident with the recent attack on the ambulance substation,” the source reports.

“We confirm this fact and damage incurred: bullet holes in a window. The procedural decision will be taken after detail examination,” press service of the Head Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Crimea reports.