(QHA) -

The search of the headquarters of ATR Channel, which lasted 7 hours has already ended.

Members of investigative committee have checked all the computers and flash cards and copied the information they needed, ATR journalist Shevket  Namatullaev informed

Meanwhile hundreds of not indifferent people from the nearest districts of Simferopol gathered at the building of ATR, showing their support for the channel.

Police warned activists of fines, saying they would be charged with “unsanctioned rally” unless they leaved. Executive director of ATR Shevket Memetov thanked activists for their support.

On Jan 26 masked forces raided the ATR offices and newsroom in Simferopol. They searched the premises and detained the staff of the television station. The masked forces also confiscated equipment and shut down ATR’s analogue broadcasting.

The militants reportedly searched for video materials related to April 26 rally in Simferopol.