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The self-defense of Crimea has taken 32.45 million hryvnias from the vault of Ukrainian Oshchadbank bank in Crimea to the unknown direction, press service of the bank, News 24 Chanel reports.

According to the statement, the money were allocated for the welfare payments to old aged people, physically challenged, veterans, families with kids and other low-income citizens.

“So, Oshchadbank, in fact, is unable to perform the obligations to its Crimean customers. The government is obviously the only to be blamed for this”, the bank says.

Meanwhile, May 21, Crimean Parliament adopted a decree on creation people’s militia of Crimean Republic.

According to the document, militia, based on self-defense forces of Crimea, will help the police to keep the public order, assure safety during natural disasters and liquidate the consequences of emergencies. The militia will be financed by Crimean state budget.

Oshchadbank is Ukraine’s state bank, founded in 1991. According to the assets it ranks second (110.757 billion USD) among 181 banks operating in the country.