Residents of the Crimean town of Saky and nearby villages complain about excessive noise made by low-flying Russian jets.

Located in the village of Novofyodovka, NITKA training ground, which was rarely used before Russia occupied Crimea, has been taken over by the Russian Air Force and is now used on a daily basis, with training flights being performed several times a day.

“Jets flying at extremely low altitude during the day, and at even at nighttime, cause intense noise felt indoors , thus disturbing the town’s residents peace and quiet,” a Saky resident reports.

Low-flying jets make the town’s residents and holidaymakers feel uncomfortable and scare children. Training flights at NITKA go on even at the height of the summer season.

“Me and my family came here in August. Suddenly, a fighter jet, which took off from the airbase, flew at extremely low altitude, literally over the holidaymakers’ very heads, with a deafening noise.  We could even see the pilots in the cockpit. After some time another one flew overhead. It’s really scary. Who else would want to bring their kids here if something like that happens all the time?” says an indignant local resident.

In their turn, medics claim that excessive noise is detrimental to human health. According to a physician from a local hospital, sound irritants like these may cause anxiety, irritation, unrest and even panic.

“We do realize that we live near an airfield and that training flights like these will continue. It may well be that somebody even got used to them but it’s not normal. There should be some kind of schedule. People should be a priority, too!” say local residents.