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The police force in Russia's Far North may soon be equipped with reindeer as a means of transportation in poorly accessible areas, to better preserve law and order among the native populations residing in the Russian tundra, a source told Izvestia newspaper.

Though the local police force in the Yamalo-Nenets region is equipped with snowmobiles, reindeer have proven to be more reliable under the harsh weather conditions, Interior Ministry spokeswoman for the region, Irina Pimkina, told Izvestia.

“Of course we have snowmobiles in service, but one should understand that a machine is a machine. A snowmobile can break down or get stuck in the tundra, but the deer will run at all times. Deer would be useful for the district police officers to go around the remote areas. In addition to policing, our officers provide various assistance to locals such as transporting patients out of the tundra.”

The procurement of reindeer, as well as other types of animals like camels and mules, is already outlined in Russian legislation. However, no other service animal acquisitions in the Yamalo-Nenets region have been made.