September 7, one person killed in a car accident in the village of Mamut-Sultan (Dobre) Simferopol region in the annexed Crimea. The victim’s nephew Rusfet Kadyrov, told that his uncle was hit to death by a Russian military, who was driving a Skoda car.

The incident occurred near the pedestrian crossing not far from the Dobre-2 bus stop.

“In 2012, a person who killed my sister and brother got off cheaply and was put on probation as the Alushta Chief Architect. This time the driver was a Russian military. The Military Prosecutor's Office will take over the case from here. If anybody saw something please write to the PM,” Kadyrov Rusfet wrote on his Facebook page.

September 7, two minibuses Renault and Mercedes crashed at the Dzhankoi - Simferopol highway near the village Roschino. As a result of the accident eight people were injured.

PHOTO: Rusfeta Kadyrov’s  Facebook page