Since the RF interference in the Syrian civil war Russia air attacks killed more civilians than the attacks by the terrorist organization ISIL Moscow supposedly is fighting against.

The sad statistics was provided in the latest report by mission Syrian Network for Human Rights published on August 17th.

Over the past year 2704 civilians including 746 children have been killed by Russian Forces. As for the terrorist organization ISIL, it has killed 2886 people.

The Russian government or the Russian parliament hasn’t asked for an investigation to be conducted regarding all of these crimes. No one even brought that up. This is a blatant indication on the utter indifference to the Syrians’ lives that were murdered by Russian forces during its military operations in Syria. The Russian regime, terrorizing the citizens of Syria, has gained upon the ISIL.

The report also notes that in some way the Russian aircrafts strike the civilian places of residence and not the positions of the terrorists.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the launch of the operations against the "Islamic State" September 20, 2015.

Photo: Internet