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Officers of FSB has incriminated Riza Shevkiyev—the chairman of “Crimea Fund” charitable organization— a contraband, over the storage of personals of Crimean Tatar writer Cengiz Dagci, which were handed to Shevkiyev after the writer’s death.

“FSB officers arrived at the Pionerskoye polyclinic, where the personals were stored. They showed me a decree, incriminating me contraband. The decree, however, was not given me in hands”- he said.

According to Shevkiyev, the personals were given him by Turkish Consulate in Jan 2013. Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has questioned Shevkiyev on the issue and all the personals, packed in boxes, were sealed up in the presence of Ukraine’s Customs’ officers.

FSB has unsealed the room, where the boxes were stored and counted them.

Shevkiyev is dissatisfied with the SSB’s activity.

“It should be noted, that when we were getting the goods [ Dagci’s personals], Crimea was Ukrainian, so all the pretensions made by Russian authorities are unclear and inappropriate - he said. Activity of the FSB is aimed at liquidation of “Crimea Fund”.

To recall, number of criminal cases was launched against the “Crimea Fund”, after the organization was forced to evacuate the building, where its office was located. Office of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, located in the same building has also left.

According to Shevkiyev, the “Crimea Fund” is not able to retain a lawyer, as all the accounts of the organization were frozen.

Note:Cengiz Dagci is regarded as the best novelist who described life in Crimea before the World War II and the misery of the Crimean Tatars had gone through.

In his novels, he describes the tough life of Crimean Turks between the years 1932-1945. He tells the tragedy of the people who tried to find a way out from the war between the German and Russian armies. His novels are significant in keeping the Crimean Tatar cause alive and communicating the message to large masses in Turkey.

Dagci died in London, in the age of 92.