The repressions against the Crimean Tatar population do not stop in Crimea, reported Monday Lenur Ablyazimov, Head of the Majlis of the Leninsky district on his FB page.

- Yesterday, Oct. 21 2015, without showing any documents, the police and "self-defense" searched the house of Rustem Mustafayev living in the village of Kalinovka, Leninsky district. Having read a resolution, he understood that the search was carried out at the neighbors’ request, although all his neighbors are either relatives or friends, said Ablyazimov.

He also said the police had arrived without warning at 6 a.m. startling the Mustafayev family and all the neighbors, as the house was surrounded by "self-defenders."

When asked what they are looking for a laconic reply was given: "Weapons, drugs." As a result, having found nothing, the police left.