Management of the four recreational facilities refugees from Donbass and Crimea have been staying in have decided to get them evicted after failing to have their residential fees covered by the Social Policy Department of Ukraine.

The refugees have already been forced to vacate one of the recreational facilities.

Recurring electricity and gas outages have caused the refugees to start to leave the facilities, with as little as 180 people of a total 350 remaining.

The situation has been going on for months already.

Reports emerged in March 2015 that the management of the Pobeda recreational facility in the town of Vorzel (Kiev district) charged residential fees of UAH 3,7 thousand and UAH 4,3 thousand per a child and a grownup respectively.

As of today, refugees are to pay UAH 600 in a monthly residential fee. It is not yet clear whether the amount will remain unchanged with the cold season coming.

Apart from the above problems, refugees in Vorzel are also facing food, medicine and clothes shortages. The clothes, medicines, food and other goods supplied by volunteers can only solve the problem partially and it will take government support to provide the people with all the essentials, admit the volunteers.

As of today, there is no program running in Ukraine that comprehensively addresses problems faced by internally displaced people from Donbass and Crimea.