On March 30, at the age of 84, died Abduraman Chubarov- father of the head of Crimean Tatar Mejlis Refat Chubarov. 

Abduraman Chubarov was born in 1931 in Ayserez village of Sudak district of Crimea.  At 13, together will all Crimean Tatars he was deported from Crimea.   At the same age, in Uzbekistan he had to start earning for living by hard physical labor, leaving a dream of getting education.

In 1968, he moved back to Crimea with his family.  He was a bricklayer until retirement. 

As most of Crimean Tatars, he strongly supported and assisted the National Movement of Crimean Tatars.    

QHA news agency expresses its condolences to family, relatives and friends of Abduraman Chubarov.  Allah Rakhmet Eylesin!