The first special operation to detain the illegal distributors of amber was executed by officers from the Prosecutor's Office and the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) at a cafe on the outskirts of the city of Rivne at 15:30 p.m. on April 14.

Five amber dealers were detained when discussing the amber prices. They estimated the prepared for sale “goods” (104 kg) at $ 300 thousand dollars. Some "solar stones" had up to 2 kg in weight. 

Another group of dealers was detained near the cafe "Nevzhe" at the entrance to the city of Kostopil in the evening of the same day. Four residents of Sarny district were transporting the amber (11 kg) for sale in a van. The seized stones were estimated at UAH 500,000. So, the total amount of batches amounts to UAH 8 million.

Urgent operational and investigative actions to identify and bring to justice the organizers of the illegal production and sale of amber are ongoing.  Criminal proceedings on the acquisition, receipt, storage or sale of property obtained by criminal means has been launched.

The security forces are also investigating into the illegal scheme of amber sales abroad. A company whose name is not disclosed to avoid leakage of information is involved in the scheme.

“On Thursday, 14 April, there were several successful operations. We were able to seize a unique batch of amber, which price was determined by buyers at about $300 thousand. Following the detention a criminal case was initiated. The investigation into amber marketing schemes beyond Ukraine is underway,” said Vasily Bedryi, the head of the SSU in the Rivne region.

“With regard to detention at the café near the city of Rivne, we have seized a record batch of amber this year. I would also like to announce that law enforcement agencies seized over 300 kg of amber this year. A total of 86 criminal proceedings were initiated, of which 18 were sent to and considered by the court,” said the Deputy Prosecutor of the Rivne region Andriy Borovyk.