As became known, today, February 11 a wave of searches has swept the homes of Crimean Tatars in order to discredit them as "terrorists". While the details of the incidents are being investigated, the QHA has compiled a list of those whose houses have been searched early in the morning.

- Nariman Mamedinov (Holmovka vlg, Bakhchisaray district, after the search he was detained and taken to the city of Sevastopol);

- Rustem Osmanov (Simferopol city);

- Damir Minadirov (Yalta city);

- Bakhtiyar Topuz (Yalta city);

- Rustem Osmanov (Bakhchisarai city);

- Arsen Khalilov (Holmovka vlg, Bakhchsarai district);

- Emir Usein Kuku (Yalta, arrested after the search);

- Muslim Aliyev (Alushta);

- Shamil Ilyasov (he was arrested after the search; currently, no information on his whereabouts is known)

- Moskovskich;

- Vadim Siruk.

Photo: Internet