On May 13, Royal Air Force Typhoons intercepted three Russian military transport aircraft approaching the Baltic states, says a report published on the website of the British Defense Ministry.

According to the report, the military transport aircraft, identified as AN-26 ‘Curl, AN-12 ‘Cub’ and IL-76 ‘Candid’, were intercepted because they were not transmitting a recognized identification code and were unresponsive.

“We were able to instantly respond to this act of Russian aggression - demonstration of our commitment to NATO’s collective defense” Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said.

Four RAF Typhoon were deployed in April to support the BAP mission, an enduring defensive NATO effort that sees alliance members without their own air policing assets assisted by others in four-monthly cycles.

Last time, Typhoon fighters were scrambled 17 times, and intercepted over 40 Russian aircraft.

It was also reported that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a US RC-135W reconnaissance plane in the skies over Russia’s Kaliningrad region on May 9.

Spring Storm military drills involving some 6,000 NATO troops were held in Estonia on May 2-19.

Since 2015, Russian drones have been violating the Polish airspace on a regular basis. According to Polish Defense Minister Antony Macierewicz, Russian drones invaded the Polish airspace 'a lot of times'.