A 30-year old girl, who stabbed to death a drunken sexual harasser on a bus stop at 4 a.m., was held up by police in Kiev.

After the girl declined the man’s offer to drink with him saying that she was 3 months pregnant, the man, who was drunk, got a knife out of his pocket and started beating up the pregnant girl threatening her with the knife.

While defending herself, the girl snatched the knife out of the man’s hand and stabbed him in his chest. After realizing what she had done, she tried to revive the man but then got scared and ran away. Passers-by found the man’s body at a bus stop at 7 a.m. and reported the find to the police.

The deceased is a 43-year old resident of Kiev who had one previous murder conviction. The girl, a native of the Dnepropetrovsk region, was held up by police following a joint operation of Kiev’s Goloseyevsky Police Department and officers of the Homicide Department.

A criminal case has been initiated under Article 118 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder committed in excess of self-defense). If found guilty, the girl faces a prison term of up to 2 years.