A car crashed into a fence, bringing it down and coming to a stop over a well in a village in the Radomyshl district. The occupants of the car, a passenger, who fell into the well, and the driver, were rescued by policemen who arrived at the accident site. The driver will face punishment for drunken driving and property damage.

“While inspecting the accident site, the policemen saw that the passenger side of the car was located right over the well. Using flashlights, the policemen were able to make out a man at the bottom of the well, who was waist-deep in the water. The man survived intact because there was enough mud at the bottom of the well to retard his fall,” reports the traffic police department.

Using a rope, one of the policemen descended into the well and helped the trapped man out. The man, who was just as drunk as the driver, was wrapped in blankets, given hot tea and taken to hospital.

The two men, who happened to be residents of the village, were visiting their friends on that day.