Policemen come under fire in downtown Drogobych

The driver of a cross-country vehicle fired two shots at policemen from a sawn-off shotgun and fled the accident site.

6 January 2016 13:10

The driver of a cross-country vehicle opened fire on policemen in downtown Drogobych on the night of January 5, reports press service of the Lvov Region Police Department.

“Policemen patrolling the city spotted a black cross-country vehicle moving across the Rynok square. Because no traffic is allowed in that area and the car’s license plate was unreadable due to being splattered with mud, the policemen decided to check the driver’s ID,” reads the statement.

After the policemen approached the vehicle, its driver fired two shots at them from a sawn-off shotgun and fled the scene at high speed.

None of the policemen was injured. While in pursuit, the policemen fired at the vehicle but failed to detain the criminal. A criminal probe into the accident was launched under Section 1 of Article 345 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (threatening to or using violence against police officers).