Gennady Moskal, Governor of the Transcarpathian region, commented on the accident that took place at the Dragobrat ski resort in the Transcarpathian region.

According to Moskal, members of the Right Sector had 160 thousand Russian rubles on them. It is not yet known where the money came from.

“It begs a question then: How come Russian money ended up being in possession of a right-wing organization such as the Right Sector? Can its members get their salaries in Russian rubles?” Moskal asks.

According to Moskal, the fact that the owners and personnel of the ski resort allegedly come from the town of Krasnoarmeysk in the Donetsk region is no excuse for a drunken brawl being staged.

“Indeed, there is an establishment in Krasnoarmeysk called ‘Khata Magnata’ but it has got nothing to do with the ski resort in Dragobat. These are two absolutely different establishments which happen to be called identically,” said Moskal.

Moscal claims the facility’s personnel made no separatist statements.

“Drunken individuals wearing army fatigues had the facility’s personnel sing Christmas carols and Ukraine’s national anthem at gun point. After that members of the establishment’s staff got savagely beat up,” Moskal said.

Moskal acknowledged that the detained did take part in the antiterrorist operation and promised that it would be taken into account during their trial.

It was reported earlier that a fight involving Right Sector members and personnel of the Hata Magnata ski resort took place early in the morning on January 10.

The owner of the restaurant got into argument with the customers, following which he drew out a gun and used it to threaten them. The personnel of the establishment provoked the Right Sector members by making anti-Ukrainian statements. According to the Right Sector spokesperson, the owners and personnel of the establishment come from the Donetsk region.  

Eyewitnesses claim that more than 30’ titushkas’ (a name for athletic-looking young men getting paid to settle scores) arrived to help the establishment’s owner. They bound the Right Sector members with Scotch tape, wrestled them to the ground and savagely kicked them. Photos released by the Right Sector’s press service confirm that they got savagely beat up.