A resonant murder in the Mykolaiv region caused a riot among the local residents and the disbandment of the local police department. According to the local publication News-N, on the night of 23 to 24 August, six police officers beat a resident of the village Kryve Ozero to death. The victim Alexander Zuckerman was handcuffed by the police officers who arrived to his wife’s call.

The reason for calling the police was a conflict between Zuckerman and the taxi driver who brought him home. According to the victim's mother, the police did not respond to requests to stop, and when they realized that the body was not showing vitals, they left him in the street, without even taking off the handcuffs. The incident happened in front of Zuckerman’s wife and child.

Residents of Kryve Ozero gathered at the crime scene and demanded the expert examination to be conducted in Mykolaiv, since they no longer trusted the local police. When the body was taken away, the locals almost staged a lynching of the detained officers near the district Prosecutor's Office and threatened to assault the local police station.

The Deputy Regional Prosecutor Stepan Bozhilo promised to conduct a comprehensive and objective investigation of the incident, thereby calming the angry crowd. A special group of the best investigators was formed to inquire into the incident. At the moment the crime is qualified as abuse of power with grave consequences.

News-N reported that four of the six suspects have been recertified to work in the police. Another officer regained his position through the court. The latter is currently the prime suspect. He worked in the police as a driver and did not fall under the certification.

The Prosecutor's Office reported that the driver confessed to have shot the victim from a traumatic weapon and tossed the gun.
The experts concluded that Alexander Zuckerman was shot at close range and died of gunshot wounds.
3 " Flaubert cartridges" were found in the victim's body, two in the heart and one in a lung.

The Head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze went to the crime scene to take the personal control of the case. Moreover, Dekanoidze decided to disband the police station in the village of Kryve Ozero. She also promised to punish those responsible and assured that no one would cover up for them.

Photo: Internet