A 31-year old resident of the village of Iverskoe, Alexandrovsky district, has been an active supporter of the "DPR" since 2014.

In order to avoid being conscripted into the Ukraine’s Armed Forces, this man went to the occupied territory. There he joined the ranks of the illegal armed groups, and in his spare time robbed apartments, stole cars and hijacked the currency exchange booths.

Being carefully disguised, the militant managed to return home to his family in the village of Iverskoe at the end of May this year. However, the criminal police of the Donetsk region had already been reported on his movements.

Early in the morning, the law enforcement officers visited and detained the "holidaymaker." At the place of the militant’s residence the police found and seized two pistols, explosives, small-caliber rifles and 5.45 mm caliber cartridges, reported the Communications Department of the Donetsk Region police.