US aviation launched air strikes targeting a training camp run by Al Qaeda terrorist group in the mountains of Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula.  The air bombardment killed dozens of militants, Reuters reports. 

“These air strikes deprived the ‘Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,’ the ability to use Yemen as a base for attacks threatening US citizens,” said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.

He also noted that the US Defense Department continues to assess the results of the operation. However, according to preliminary estimates, dozens of militants were eliminated.

It was reported earlier that on March 22, at around 8 a.m. local time, two explosions ripped through Zaventem airport in Brussels.

Explosions also occurred at two metro stations close to the quarter where immigrants live.

The Belgian Government has officially recognized the attacks as act of terrorism. According to updated information, the explosion killed 31 and injured more than 250 people.

As of now, the Brussels police have identified two terrorists responsible for a terror attack at Brussels airport as Khalid and Ibrahim el Bakraui brothers, Belgian citizens.

Photo: Internet