Yesterday, July 25 a patrol police officer Arina Koltsov passed away in the city of Kyiv following a serious illness, the Kyiv Patrol Police reported on Facebook.

- It is an irreparable loss not only for her minor daughter and mother, relatives and friends, but the whole Kiev Patrol Police as well. The cherished memory of Arina will forever remain in our hearts, reads the report.

According to her colleague, a policeman Michail Kindrakevich, the girl fell ill in winter following being spit in the face by one detained suspect.

- After some time, Arina lost consciousness during the parade. Since then she was either treated in a hospital or stayed at home. Arina has been struggling with lung disease for six months. Cheamotherapy, baby food, feeding through a dropper, a huge weight loss. Her condition has worsened recently, she could not eat ... Michail Kindrakevich wrote on Facebook.

According to a blogger Elena Monova, the police officer did not want to disclose her illness to the last.

Photo: Yuliya Babich