The activists of "Automaidan" and "Public Security Board" stormed Sergei Kivalov’s residence, concealed under the guise of the International Humanitarian University. They also tore down the gate and set the Ukrainian flag on the territory.

Now social networks post photos of activists, walking through the building, as well as stories about interesting discoveries, such as the Stalin’s bust.

- Remember, it’s a ‘campus building’ of the International Humanitarian University. In fact, it’s multi-storey building with its own tennis court, sauna, dock, yacht. In short, everything for students. It was built right on the Black Sea shore that subverts the Ukrainian legislation, as the fence around the house blocks the access to the sea. At last, the open day came. We invite all interested to see how MSU students actually live! ‘Automaidan’ activists report.

Photo: photos.wikimapia.org