Ukraine's deputy interior minister and chief investigator Vitaliy Sakal, says 32 pro-Russian rebels, who died in the Black Sea port of Odesa, on May 2, might have been poisoned with chloroform, Radio Liberty reports.
Sakal told journalists in Kyiv on May 19 that chloroform, a chemical that restricts the ability to breath, was discovered by his investigative team inside the Trade Unions building.

"Chloroform was found in the litter and soot when the House of Unions was being examined. Chloroform is normally used in surgical operations. We have yet to establish why this substance was there," Sakal said.

Sakal added that Ukrainian investigators had contacted the Israeli Embassy, asking for professional experts to investigate any traces of the chemical in the building.
Thirty-two people were found dead in the building, many of them with burns, on May 2 after the building was engulfed in flames during clashes between pro-Russian rebels and pro-Ukrainian soccer fans.
In total, 48 people were killed and some 250 were injured during the May 2 clashes in Odesa.