The Crimean "authorities" prohibit the Crimean Tatar people to hold peaceful prayers at home, Elmira Ablyalimova, wife of a political prisoner Ahtem Chiygoz, reported on Facebook.

According to Ablyalimova, a "law enforcement" officer with a district police department came to her house and tried to hand over a document on the inadmissibility of holding prayer meetings at home, which have been initiated by the Crimean Tatar community.

Elmira Ablyalimova stressed that the prayer is an absolutely peaceful meeting during which the Muslims "ask for health for those alive and eternal heavenly life for the dead." According to her, the occupation authorities consider such meetings dangerous.

- This document was handed over to me by a Crimean Tatar police officer, a former officer with the Ukrainian police whom once Ahtem Chiygoz helped to find the job. What a metamorphosis. Ballaro! No one asks you to do exploits, just do not do meanness! At least with respect to yourselves so that no one tells you "I'm sorry for you," wrote Ablyalimova.

She refused to sign the document since she is sure she has every right to invite to her house whoever she wants.

Photo: Internet